Happy Mother’s Day to the coolest mom in my life.

My Lovely Mother | Angels Knoll, Los Angeles

Thank you for putting up with my geekiness; for watching Criminal Minds, Mythbusters, CSI, Avenue Q, Hair, and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou with me; for sharing my appreciation of American Idiot and Stark Sands; for being as huge a Harry Potter fan as I am; for being that ONE FRIEND who totally understood me; for being the sister I never had… for being the best mother anyone could ever ask for.

I mean… I dragged her with me to Angels Knoll (the park where the 500 Days of Summer bench is located).  She has not seen the movie in its entirety but still she went with me.  In fact, that’s where this photo was taken.  I also took her with me to the live taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live when Nathan Fillion was the guest.  And we got free Castle Season 2 DVDs from it!  Also to the taping of America’s Got Talent where my beloved Idiots visited and performed.  She may have not seen the show on Broadway but she has seen John, Michael, and Stark in the flesh.  And she has both American Idiot by Green Day and the OBCR on her iPod.

She’s amazing.  She’s the strongest person I know and I thank God for her everyday.  ❤


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