And that was that…

American Idiot on Broadway | St. James Theatre

And that… was that.  Or so it seems.

Tonight, American Idiot will give you the time of your life one last time on Broadway.  I am sad but it was a very good run.  Through this show, I’ve met the best people… people who understood me and whom I had the most fun in a very long time. I also met the most talented and creative people; the cast and crew of American Idiot are so inspiring and I feel so fortunate to have met them.

I really don’t have words to fully express how this one show affected me.  It changed me.  It will forever be a part of my life.  I regret nothing.  All the money, time, and effort I spent, the late nights, the snow storms, the bandwidth… I give all my love.

Looking back, I might be able to remember all the names but the memories are forever.  Rage and Love, my dear Idiots.  RAGE + LOVE.


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