Welcome to a New Kind of Tension | 19 April 2010

St. James Theatre | American Idiot on Broadway

I cannot believe it’s been a year since I first saw American Idiot on Broadway and changed my life.

19 April 2010, it was a Monday.  I was flying solo, determined to get most of the NYC touristy stuff out of the way.  First stop, Theatre District.  Times Square.  Broadway.  As someone who spent her life as she could remember, singing and wanting to be on a big stage, Broadway was my mecca.  Also, it was perfect timing because American Idiot was the new kid in town.

I remember starting out at W 25th Street and going up until 50th and Broadway.  Then I found my way back to 44th/8th, the home of the St. James Theatre.  I remember it was 2PM… and I never left until 1AM the next day. So technically, I was there for opening night… day… midnight!  XD

I say this show changed my life.  How?  American Idiot pretty much defined my 2010.  I was with them since Day One, albeit through the glaring screen of my laptop.  Partly because they decided to cast one of my favorite actors ever, Stark Sands, whom I met and talked to exactly a year ago today.  I always say this: I went for Stark Sands and stayed for each and every person associated with American Idiot — cast, crew, and friends.  I met the most wonderful people through this show and hopefully, our friendships/connections continue.

So sad that this incredible show is closing on Sunday.  But memories will go on forever.

This is where it all began.


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